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About Photography, Summer Salon, is an exhibition that revels in the talents of both established and emerging local photographers.

There is a mix of inter-disciplinary works with a specific emphasis on construction, process and display. In some instances, the photographer is building a narrative and in others we experience reality from viewpoints rooted in analysing social-environmental landscapes.

In keeping with the recent awareness in analogue film processing, the show includes works where the artists dive into the alchemy and happy incidents of darkroom processing. On the opposite end, there are works which employ, with great skill, the advances of technology, to distil moments of beauty, solitude and focus.

Shaped by the photographers as a collective, the show offers the viewer a gateway to the crucial aesthetics and methods that are unique to the personal vision of each image maker - with that vision becoming intensely legible from within the group setting.

Every image is a placeholder, offering a view of what the photographer values in the practice of making art. It with great pleasure that we share these outcomes and interpretations with you.


Clare A Patrick | Matt Slater | Aldo Brincat | Kerry Lee Chambers | Caroline Sohie | Nicole Clare Fraser |Johnathan Mellish | Noncedo Gxekwa | Raymond du Toit | Kent Andreasen | Tommaso Fiscaletti and Nic Grobler |Matthew Bradley | Lisa King

Curated by Simone Tredoux