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22 AUGUST - 11 OCTOBER 2019

Sharing the self-generated projects of nine women photographers, Point Blank, highlights the critical role of visual activism through photography. In each body of work, seen in an abridged format for this exhibition, we are directed to a larger series in which each photographer expresses in images, social landscapes in need of deeper public scrutiny and action.

The show examines the way in which photographers go beyond facts and figures and help the viewer to locate themselves in space and time in order to make sense of the flow of our common reality. With which would in turn empower people to become better citizens - enlightened and judicious supporters of the need for change. Covered in this exhibition are diverse views and topics that are often deeply personal. Point Blank offers a close up look at how we function collectively and urges that our liberties have a cost. The work of the creative visual activist is an imaginative visualization of data that they through their personal experience feel compelled to share.

The images and projects shown in Point Blank are motivated by the photographers who all share the idea that improving the future requires a vigorous understanding of the past, and present, so that society can become engaged, and effective agents of change.

Curated by Simone Tredoux